Take the guesswork out of managing yearly raises or bonus incentives and make ongoing employee performance monitoring a breeze! We took years of applied business psychology and turned it into a convenient app, for businesses just like yours!

Grow your business, build your ideas, and let us make the tough bits easier.

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How it works [at a glance]

Identify pinpoints

Identify the behaviors that support the org. Include stakeholders in the process. Create clarity and buy-in with staff.

Track Progress

Reduce managers workload and make recording performance a breeze. Each review should take only 5-10 minutes. Sometimes less!

Provide meaningful feedback

When your pinpoints are solid and you are tracking progress, your feedback will have context and have meaning.

Main feature

Save time and headaches by completing the entire performance review process with only 1 product

  • Are you concerned with how your organization performs?
  • Do your managers spend more than 10 minutes preparing for a performance review?
  • Have staff that are underperforming and struggling to provide meaningful feedback?
two screenshots of the app in a phone mockup
 one screenshot of the app in a phone mockup

Save Time over traditional methods

Traditionally, a scorecard is devised by a manager for each individual employee. Scores are taken by hand, manually transposed into spreadsheet software and graphed, then shared via a 3rd party software to the employee.

Share feedback immediately

You don't need to take notes, wait until later, upload your scores, save a chart and then finally send it as an attachment anymore. Your staff can simply log in and see their progress and review their achievements and benchmarks all from the app as soon as scores are available.

Easier than traditional scorecards

Because the scorecard process lives in an app on your mobile device, your managers can provide regular and ongoing reviews. This allows quarterly or yearly reviews to be completed in 10 minutes or less because you already have all of the data at your fingertips.

Your managers will thank you for making this task easier

When review time comes, managers can take an hour per employee to get this task done. ScorecardX allows you to cut that time into a 15-30 minute prep for the meeting because the scoring portion is already completed. Managers should only need to prepare personal evaluations at this point. No more tracking down historical job performance.

Increase in productivity by frontline staff
75% less
Time spent on performance reviews
ScorecardX come from 40 years of applied and proven organizational research
5-star reviews
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